WANTOK Alpha Reseller Package


You Just Pay! We Take Care of Setting Up your Online Web Hosting Business

With “WANTOK Alpha Reseller Package” you will get the following services:

  1. We register or transfer your selected domain name;
  2. We set up your ordered hosting package
  3. We set up your website
  4. We deliver the end product to you, on your own name

Availability: 1000 in stock (can be backordered)

WANTOK Alpha Reseller Package is specifically presented to all WANTOKS in order to own a reseller hosting company and host your own websites to start.

WANTOK Alpha Reseller helps you to sell the following products:

  1. One (1) Master Reseller Account;
  2. 3 WHM/cPanel Reseller Account
  3. Unlimited Web Hosting Accounts
  4. Unlimited Email Accounts
  5. Free SSL
  6. 400 Free Scripts
Alpha Reseller

Olgeta, Alpha, Omega

Master Reseller

Clan, Tribe, Nation

WHM/ cPanel Reseller

Family, Clan, Moiety


1Pla, 2Pla, 3Pla, 4Pla, 5Pla


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